The Polytechnic Management organized a send-off party in honour of the five (5) principal officers namely: Elder U. O. Ugwuogu, Dr. M. I. Anuna, Engr. E. Igweonu, Dr. F. U. Attah and Engr. (Dr.) O. C. Ihemmadu. The occasion took place at the Rector’s Conference room in honour of the principal officers (celebrates) who have served the polytechnic in various capacities using their wealth of experience and knowledge.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Rector, Ven. Dr. Ogbonnia Ibe-Enwo welcomed the guests for honouring the invitation. In his brief speech, the Rector described the celebrants as men of integrity of inestimable value. He advised for similar occasions that the celebrants should endeavour to come with their spouses to relax and enjoy so as to give the occasion a difference from that of the normal officious office mood.

In their goodwill speeches; the Registrar commended the distinguished celebrants who have served the Polytechnic in various capacities at different times for serving the institution with their might and wealth of knowledge. He thanked them for the contributions and sacrifices they have made during their tenures in office before handing the baton of service to the incumbent principal officers. The Registrar praised the celebrants for bearing the weight of the Polytechnic and serving excellently well. He prayed God to give the celebrants more strength and good health to serve selflessly in their new offices.

The Dean of Business Studies, Mrs. B. N. Onyemesim thanked the celebrants for their successful tenure in office. In her speech, the Dean of Business Studies reiterated that the former Librarian, Elder U. O. Ugwuogu helped the institution during its accreditation by the manner of its arrangement. She equally praised the two (2) past Deputy Rectors (Admin. and Academic), Engr. E. Igweonu and Dr. F. U. Attah brought a lot of change in the academic board during their tenure in office. She mentioned that in the past the Deans and HODs find it difficult to release results at the right time but quickly added that it was during the above-named person’s tenure that students’ results were released on time to the surprise and admiration of all. The Dean prayed God to bless them exceedingly and prayed them not to relent in advising the Deans, HODs, etc when they come running to them.

In his goodwill speech, Dr. Ngozi Anachonkeya thanked the Rector for organizing the occasion. He appreciated the celebrants for the selfless service they rendered during their tenures in office.

Mr. J. K. J. Okonkwo, Mr. Uchenna Ugboaja and Mr. Esonwune praised and thanked the celebrants for the roles they played during their tenures in Management.

During the presentation of gifts to the celebrants, the Chief Host of the occasion, Ven. Dr. Ogbonnia Ibe-Enwo invited Mrs. B. N. Onyemesim to help him in presenting the gifts to the celebrants so as to give the session a feminine touch. The gifts were presented to Elder U. O. Ugwuogu, Dr. M. I. Anuna, Dr. F. U. Attah and Engr. (Dr.) O. C. Ihemmadu amidst clicking of cameras.

During the response from the celebrants, Dr. M. I. Anuna said that he was delighted being unavoidably present for the occasion. He mentioned that he has served the institution for thirty-three (33) years and during these years no occasion as this has ever been organized in honour of former management members of the institution. He however thanked whoever that motivated the idea and advised the incumbent management members to uphold peace in their dealings both with fellow colleagues and students. In his remark, Engr. (Dr.) O. C. Ihemmadu advised that whenever one is given a position; he/she should see such as an opportunity to serve and not to exploit or loot public fund. He stressed on the fact that the people called to serve should be fair and firm, avoid the problem of Atiku and Obasanjo and learn to render the service as unto the good Lord. He later advised that just like the previous Rector, Prof. Francis O. Otunta set the goal post so that both the referee and observers will know when the goal is scored; that those who are called to serve should borrow a leaf from Prof. and learn not to rush into conclusion on any person or any situation without applying the principle of ‘wait till when you get to the bridge’. Finally during the response from the celebrants, Dr. U. O. Ugwuogu mentioned that he has served for ten (10) years as a management member and as such the longest served management member. He mentioned that the Bible encourages appreciation and as such the occasion is in tandem with the Holy Book. He finally mentioned that the occasion is something to appreciate their efforts while in service and he feels it is part of the script God has for them (celebrants).

The celebrants led the way to the refreshment table which was graced with fruits, food and drinks.

The Registrar in his vote of thanks to all mentioned that it has been a lovely evening spent in a good and relaxed atmosphere. He thanked the Rector and Management for exercising the initiative for the out-gone executive officers who have served in various capacities. He equally thanked the celebrants for honouring the invitation and went on to thank the Rector for approving the budget for the send-off party and finally thanked the Deputy-Rector (Admin.) for directing the Polytechnic Guest House to serve the sumptuous meal.

The Send-off Party/Appreciation Day ceremony was well attended by Deans and Directors who make up the Management team of the institution.